what's left? I guess 'darling,' 'love,' and 'snookums.'

Of course, insults aren’t any better, in terms of being complimentary to the recipient, or your relationship therewith. But at least they’re not falsely pretending to be.


Okay, I still don’t understand calling your lover either “daddy” or “baby.” But for what it’s worth, I’m not a fan of food-based endearments like “honey” and “sweetie pie,” either.
Or, for that matter, “honey-bunny,” “teddy-bear” or any of the other animal-related ones.
OR the ones like “precious” or “treasure” that indicate your loved one is an object with monetary value, of which you are the owner.
Basically, I have no use for any endearments that compare the relationship to pedophilia, bestiality, slavery or cannibalism. Which is practically all of them.
So THAT’S why you just call everyone insults instead.
Or maybe that’s just because I hate everyone.

MOUSEOVER TEXT: what’s left? I guess ‘darling,’ ‘love,’ and ‘snookums.’

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