the neutering operation gave ma-dag-a-scar

I have a weakness for “use this word in a sentence” jokes. I admit it. It’s kind of the whole basis of Abby’s Youtube Channel that can Make Any Medication Name into a Song. I think both she and I realize how silly it is, but we just can’t help liking it.


Okay, next word. “Madagascar.”
I believe electric vehicles are superior to oil-powered ones in every way.
Sharon, that wasn’t using the word in a sentence.
I’m not finished.
I always enter my home-built electric car in the annual car race, and I always win.
That sentence also did not include–
Except this year. This year one other driver came in ahead of me.
Sharon, this is a vocabulary lesson, not a creative writing class.
Now, I’m not mad I lost. I’m just Madagascar beat me.

MOUSEOVER TEXT: the neutering operation gave ma-dag-a-scar

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2 Responses to 1689

  1. dratini0 says:

    These puns are both horrible and amazing at the same time. Just the way I like it.