she will be dragged kicking and screaming into the role of Dear Abby

no this is absolutely not based on anything in my own job


Hey, everyone. Time for a new episode of the Youtube Channel that can Make Any Medication Name into a Song!
BUT, there’s no song this time. Instead, I’m gonna respond to an email I got from a viewer!
She says: “Hey! Since you’re the Girl who Knows Too Much about Medication, I was wondering if you could help me with a problem!
“I work in a pharmacy where we fill prescriptions in bottles, and heat-sealed blister packs, and day-by-day pill boxes. But for some reason, my coworker especially hates putting pills in the bottles. And she takes it out on me!
“When she’s filling boxes or blister packs, we can chat like good friends. But the moment she starts filling pill bottles, she shuts down my attempts at conversation with short answers in a voice that barely conceals its anger.
“It’s not my fault she hates bottles! How can I get her to stop being so cruel to me?”
“Sincerely, Bottle Bullied.”
Dear Bullied:
First of all, what do I look like? Miss Memantine? An Aggrenox Aunt? I’m here to make puns on the names of medications– not give you advice on how to talk to your coworkers while you dispense them.
BUT, since you asked, I’ll give it a shot. Let’s start with your observation that she seems to hate filling bottles. Now, what’s so different between bottles and “heat-sealed blister packs” or “day-by-day pill boxes”?
Those both sound to me like the sort of thing where you just put a pill in each section until the thing is full. But with a bottle, you’d have to keep a mental count of how many pills you were putting in.
If your coworker objects to you talking to her during this process– it is obviously because you Freaking Make Her Lose Count and Have To Start Over.
If she has not yet pointed this out to you, it’s because she has rightly realized how OBVIOUS it is, and has concluded that you can’t actually be unaware of it, and you must be deliberately trying to sabotage her work.
She doesn’t know why you are doing this to her, but she’s trying to endure it politely for the sake of your working relationship.
If this really was not your intention, and you really are that implausibly dense, don’t bother telling her. There’s no way she could believe that.
Just stop “attempting conversation” with someone who’s clearly struggling to keep numbers in her head, and over time, she may accept your change of heart and forgive you.
Sincerely, Abby. Now can we get back to songs?
Do you maybe need some medication for your irritable mood?

MOUSEOVER TEXT: she will be dragged kicking and screaming into the role of Dear Abby

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