not gonna lie, it is a great show

we provide… (uses skateboard as lever to tip park bench up on end, leaps to the top of it and from there to ledge on nearby building, runs along ledge until coming up perpendicular to next building, uses momentum to run ten feet straight up wall to land on all fours on roof) …leverage.


I’ve been getting into the show “Leverage.” I really like the characters, especially Parker.
Which one is Parker?
She’s the thief who climbs walls, and lowers herself into vaults on a cable, and stuff.
So, like Spider-Man? Is she named after Peter Parker?
Wow. That did not occur to me.
Or maybe she’s named after parkour!
Maybe. I guess that involves similar acrobatics.
Ha! Peter Parkour! Imagine a Spider-Man parkour video!
That’s just, like, half the scenes in any Spider-Man movie.
Peter Parker packed the park with parkour practice.

MOUSEOVER TEXT: not gonna lie, it is a great show

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