the only time abortion is bad is if your fetus is gay and God would send it to hell.

We should just kill all humans. It’ll satisfy the religious people because everyone who deserves happiness will go to heaven and be happy forever, and it’ll satisfy the scientific people because it will reduce global warming.

Stop! Go back home! Don’t kill your baby!
Protestors, huh? I’ve heard about you.
But I’m not here for an abortion. I’m just refilling my birth control pills. Which I take to control irregular periods, by the way, not because of my NONEXISTENT sex life.
I’m not falling for that! If you wanted pills, you’d go to a normal doctor, not support this den of demons! You’re here to kill a baby!
Ugh. Listen, you believe in God, right?
Of course I believe in–
So you think a fetus has a soul?
And if the fetus dies, does the soul go to heaven?
YES, because GOD actually cares about babies!
And heaven’s better than Earth, right?
OF COURSE IT IS, why are you even–
So if I’m having an abortion, I’m just doing what’s best for my baby.
But… But GOD DOESN’T LIKE IT, he’ll send you to HELL–
Which I’m willing to accept, because no sacrifice is too great to do what’s best for my child. Let me through.
That– Argh– That–
Makes too much sense for your brain to handle?
If– If you go by that logic, though, what if you had a kid that was already born? Would you have to kill him too?

MOUSEOVER TEXT: the only time abortion is bad is if your fetus is gay and God would send it to hell.

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