well, the stinger IS a modified ovipositor...

In a fit of writer’s block on what to put in this space, I very nearly pasted the entire script of Bee Movie here, but in the process of preparing to do that I happened to read some of it, and I’m sorry, it’s just too awful.

It’s getting warmer out. Soon there will be insects again. Bees and wasps. Not looking forward to it.
Ah well, it’s not as bad as I imagined when I was a kid.
When I was little, I thought bees laid their eggs in you when they stung you.
I think I was confused about the word “hives.”
I didn’t realize there was a difference between hives you get on your skin from bee stings, and hives that bees live in. I thought the way a bee starts a new hive is by stinging someone and laying eggs in them.
I was in constant fear of my body being overtaken by an entire colony of bees and turning into a hive, until all my original parts just wasted away.
We should teach bees to do that. It would increase their dwindling numbers, while reducing the dangerously high numbers of humans.

MOUSEOVER TEXT: well, the stinger IS a modified ovipositor…

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