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In order to write a fanfic that Abby liked, this person must have gotten one heck of a beta reader.


ponfarrferret77: Hey, awesome fanfic, RUeffinsirius2015! I like your original character. Though, I have to admit I have some trouble taking characters named “Tabitha” seriously, since I always associate it with that Beatrix Potter character called “Miss Tabitha Twitchit.”
RUeffinsirius2015: wtf do u mean, ‘beatrix potter character’. do u mean bellatrix lastrange? cause her last name isnt potter, thats the main charachter, didnt u ever read the books? And theres no such thing as a ‘bellatrix lastrange charachter” anyway since the whole franchise is named Harry Potter, after the MAIN CHARACHTER, not her. U mean a Harry Potter Carachter. and ur still not makin sense because their is no harry potter characer named Tabitha twichet. F U.
I must be approaching old age. I’m remembering cultural phenomena that the younger generation doesn’t know about, AND I’m beginning to feel the insidious temptation to smack that same younger generation over the head.
You’re not getting old, the rest of the internet’s population is just getting younger.

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