give a centimeter and they'll take a kilometer

I recently found out that not only do U.S. laws not require workplaces to give 15-minute breaks, they’re not even federally required to give a 30-minute lunch break: source

What’s up, boss?
I need to let you know that we’re changing our break schedule. From now on, employees will have only a 30-minute unpaid break in each 8-hour shift, no paid 15-minute breaks.
What? That sucks!
Well, it’s just that we’ve found out employees will always use more break time than they’re officially given.
Frankly, you can’t give a whole hour of breaks unless you want your employees to take a lot more. Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile.
…Wait. Is that metaphor to scale?
I mean, there are 63,360 inches in a mile.
Calculating from your use of that analogy, I can deduce that you plan​ to officially give your employees 1/63360 of the time you actually expect them to take.
So, because you’re still officially giving us a 30-minute break, you clearly want us to take an amount of break time 63,360 times that much– 1,900,800 minutes per day.
That’s 1,320 DAYS of free time for each day worked. I can retire now!
Allow me to remind you that’s not paid time.
Oh. Right. Crap.

MOUSEOVER TEXT: give a centimeter and they’ll take a kilometer

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