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I’m not even sure it holds reliably true for strangers thrown together in wildlife parks– there’s a tendency for individual researchers’ biased and flawed observations to be spread around as truth even when they don’t reflect reality much at all.

In any case, comparing humans to wolves is an insult to wolves.

In other news…

Anyone want to proofread the sequel to Kea’s Flight?

Yup, I’ve got a sequel to this book written:

Kea’s Flight

The sequel is called Kea’s Landing, and I think it can be understood without reading the first book. In fact, I want it to be, and I’d like at least one proofreader who hasn’t read the first one, to make sure it can.

(It’s over 700 pages, just warning you.)

If you help out, I’ll credit you on the dedication page!

I’ll just send you a PDF and you can send me your comments on whatever you want, or nothing, if you can’t find anything to say– no obligations.

Here’s the summary:

The coup is over. The Board has been overthrown, and Kea has inherited the office of Optimizer.

Together with Draz and Monarch, she now commands the colony starship that has always been her home. Young, socially challenged and inexperienced with power, she struggles with her fear of making the same mistakes as the dictatorial regime that came before her. 

Meanwhile, she’s investigating a mystery. She and Draz have found a hidden folder of journal entries from an enigmatic young writer named Mara, who has created a secret world of friendships and fairy tales, stirring Kea’s empathy and challenging her views about disability and gender.

But nothing prepares Kea and her crew for what they will discover on the planet where they finally land to build their new city. 

Without warning, they find themselves in a world that’s both human and alien, caught in an otherworldly conflict involving genetic weapons, extreme body modifications, cloned spies, language barriers… and even parrots.

Through it all, Mara’s journal gets even more mysterious. Is Kea reading the last words of just another casualty from the previous regime? Or will Mara’s story turn out to be interwoven with space colony diplomacy, high-tech espionage, the secret past of Kea’s enemies and allies, and the future of her newly founded home?

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