Aw, c'mon, no one's too young for Tumblr.

Here’s something I wrote about the phenomenon of otherkin. Yes, it’s weird, but there’s really no point in ridiculing it by saying it’s “not real.” Just because something isn’t what you think it is, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a real something.


Is he old enough that we have to let him go now?
We can’t really let this bird go, Sharon.
I’ve been reading up on it. When people raise a starling and release it, either it refuses to leave, or it flies away and comes right back. If it doesn’t come back to its owner’s place, it keeps annoying the neighbors by landing on their shoulders and stuff.
A starling has to grow up with others of its species, if it’s gonna learn to be a bird. If it grows up with humans, it thinks it’s a human, and it can never live as a starling.
So Polyphemus is basically a human trapped in a starling body?
Kind of. I mean, he’s trapped in a starling brain, too, so he can’t think quite the same way as a human. But he considers humans his own kind. He identifies as a human.
So he’s a humankin?
Yeah, and you need to stop reading my Tumblr dash when I’m not looking.

MOUSEOVER TEXT: Aw, c’mon, no one’s too young for Tumblr.

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