'Redundantly repeated'... yeah, Abby's just on a roll with the hypocrisy today.

The most frustrating thing about people texting “kk” instead of “ok” is that you can never be sure: sometimes it really is a repeated abbreviation similar to “bye-bye,” and sometimes it’s just a typo for “ok.”

Did she seriously just say that?
I can’t believe it. My aunt just sent me a reply to my text, and it says “kk.”
She clearly meant “ok,” but for some stupid reason she decided to substitute an “abbreviation” that wasn’t actually any shorter, and just redundantly repeated the second half of what she meant to say.
I’ve got to go to class, Abby. I’ll leave you alone with your unendurable suffering.
Oh, all right. Bye-bye.
Did you seriously just say that?

MOUSEOVER TEXT: ‘Redundantly repeated’… yeah, Abby’s just on a roll with the hypocrisy today.

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3 Responses to 1360

  1. Matthew says:

    “kk” is way faster to type on a phone than “ok”. (I still go with the even simpler “k”.)

    • admin says:

      Quite logical. People can trash-talk texting abbreviations all they want, but like telegraphs, the medium does seem to call for it.

      • Matthew says:

        It’s also teaching us to read words as completely different words with a smattering of the same letters. It’s certainly a wonder of the human mind that based on a tiny bit of context we can read “ten” and know the author meant “the”.