among many other reasons

Moral relativism makes good cop/bad cop a tricky game.

Abby, your little cousin won’t leave. Her mom called saying she needs to be home for dinner, but she insists on sitting over there and playing with your computer. I don’t want to know what filthy things she’s looking at.
Okay, OKAY. I’ll get her to leave if you’ll help. You have any insights on child psychology?
Children basically have criminal minds, right? Always trying to evade authority, never thinking much about the consequences of their actions. Good cop/bad cop should work on her. I’ll be bad cop.
Hey, Sharon, your mom says it’s time to go home.
If you don’t get out the door this minute, you little twit, you’re probably gonna end up grounded for a week.
You know, if I say I’ll be bad cop, that implies you are supposed to be good cop.
Um… by the moral laws I know, a good cop would be the one who wanted to put the criminal in jail.
Good cop/bad cop refers to the criminal’s definitions of good and bad, Abby.
That would imply that it was invented by criminals, when in fact I believe it was invented by cops.
You are the worst at this EVER.
That’s why we don’t have kids, Sharon.

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  1. Antonymous says:

    A&N sound different today. New font?

    • admin says:

      Hmm… Hadn’t noticed this when I made the image, but maybe the font size did end up different this time. Gimp’s text tool got totally screwed up with the last “upgrade,” and it’s all I can do just to keep making comic strips with it at all. Maybe it’s time to try a different image editing program.