sine penis is a palindrome, too

Why must we assume we know what the last word of line two was going to be?

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Okay, everyone, poetry slam! Challenge: finish Data’s limerick from “The Naked Now.” Go!
Um… “She had only one eye,
with which she would cry
Salty tears every time she had seen us.”
Haha, eww. Okay: “The favorite lass
Of the males from each class,
And each family and order and genus.”
Hahaha. My turn. “She wasn’t as fine
As if she was Orion,
‘Cause guys really go for the greenness.”
Bahahaaa! We have a winner!
“Sine E.T.A., sad,
As Satan gone bad,
Abe, no gnat as sad as a teen is.”
Ron must be a great poet, because no one understands his work.

MOUSEOVER TEXT: sine penis is a palindrome, too

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15 Responses to 1357

  1. Matthew says:

    Now I’m thinking some tool company needs to make one of these with a bulbous head on the end:
    They could just call it a “palindrome mandrel”.

  2. m says:

    She had a long cape
    To cover that shape;
    It’s a secret, so keep this between us.

    Classical edition (slant rhyme):
    She had only one eye
    And fell in love with a guy
    Who was quite similar: Polyphemus.

    • admin says:

      *looks up Polyphemus* HAHAHAHA!

    • admin says:

      And now I wish so badly that Polyphemus was one of the children of Aphrodite, so he could also be “from Venus”… but alas, she’s only a stepmother at most; she had other kids with his father Poseidon, but not him.

      • m says:

        I love mythology; that’s why I read Rick Riordan.
        Just noticed this comic is the first four odd numbers; 1, 3, 5, 7. What’s more, xkcd is 200 comics behind you, putting them at comic #1337.

    • m says:

      And here is a poem for Ron about animal-transmitted diseases:

      Sane rat, sometimes oyster, germs–
      Ahchoo!– gave Diane worms
      Mr. Owen, aid Eva, go! Oh, chasm regrets Yosemite most arenas!