One imagines that a professor who considers time an illusion would be pretty laid-back about assignment deadlines.

Are there any science-fiction shows that focus primarily on traveling between alternate universes? Every show I can think of is mainly about regular space travel and/or time travel, and alternate universes show up only in occasional episodes. But come on, there’s so much potential for interesting stories there!

Argh, I need to stop trying to talk to my philosophy professor about temporal physics.
Yes, you do. Why did you start in the first place?
Well, philosophy class just poses so many great opportunities for thought experiments about what you’d do if you could change the past, or see the future.
But with this prof, if I even mention time, he just starts going on about how it’s an illusion created by people.
I guess maybe he’s confusing “time” with “measurements of time,” and he thinks we made up time because we made up hours and minutes? But that’s like saying “humans invented gallons and quarts, therefore liquids are an illusion.”
He can’t seem to understand it when I explain that there would be obvious, tangible differences between a universe where time passes and a universe where time doesn’t pass. In the universe with no time passing, nothing could ever HAPPEN.
Ha, and as soon as you entered that universe, you’ve always been there?
No, you’re just THERE, because that universe doesn’t have the concept of “always.” It only has one frozen moment. Nothing moves. Nothing changes. In fact, you couldn’t actually enter that universe.
So if you stick your hand through your trans-universal portal into it, your hand becomes unable to move, and you’re stuck?
No, because even sticking your hand in would take some time. The portal to it is just an impenetrable wall, and the inter-universal explorers never find out why.

MOUSEOVER TEXT: One imagines that a professor who considers time an illusion would be pretty laid-back about assignment deadlines.

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  1. sepp says:

    Have you heard of the “block universe”-theory? It says, that time does exist, but doesn’t actually pass, since all points in time are equally real. I think it’s the only theory of time that’s compatible with our current scientific model of spacetime (i.e. General Relativity).

    • admin says:

      Wow– I hadn’t heard of that term, but that is exactly how I’ve always thought of time. (I guess when I say “time passing,” I’m referring to the existence of one moment after another, and our perception of that.)

      • m says:

        You should be a philosopher! 😉
        (By the way, remember that thing about gingermen? I don’t remember if you ever emailed me back. Totally okay to use that line. I know my email was kind of trippy, but that’s due to my phobia of internet privacy instilled into me by my slightly overbearing mother.)