gee, Abby's bigoted against Neanderthals

Totally unintended slashy subtext: Abby in this strip seems more offended by the dude’s homophobic comment than anything insulting he said about her specifically. (But then, I probably would be too.)

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Hey, that seat’s taken.
Every other seat in the cafeteria is taken, too, and they’re taken by actual people, not… potential people or whatever you’re talking about.
You can’t sit here. I can’t be seen with you. I have a reputation.
I’m not here to try and make out with you. I just want to sit down and eat.
If you’re that desperate for a boyfriend, go over there and hit on Kevin. You’ll like him. He’s a pretty cute guy– no homo.
That phrase is very offensive.
Hey, I don’t mean it to insult gay people. It just means I’m not one. I mean, not that that’s relevant to you!
Sounded pretty insulting to me.
Listen, some people might mean it as an insult, but we all use words our own ways.
I use those words my own way too. I use them to mean “I don’t think you’re a member of that genus.”
Like this. “You, sir, are a Neanderthal… no Homo.”

MOUSEOVER TEXT: gee, Abby’s bigoted against Neanderthals

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2 Responses to 1355

  1. Matthew says:

    Hey! Neanderthals are homos, too!

    Homo neanderthalensis
    Homo sapiens neanderthalensis

    • admin says:

      Haha, oops!

      I had thought I had read an article about how only a small minority of scientists consider them a subset of Homo. But either I remembered wrong or the writer of that article made a mistake: everyone agrees they’re Homo, the disagreement is whether they’re part of Homo Sapiens.

      I guess neither I nor Abby can always be infallible.