gotta watch em all, au-do-bon

I wondered if the humans in the Pokemon universe just named all the Pokemon after the sounds they made, but that would be really implausible because of how often the sounds resemble words relevant to the animals’ descriptions.

Oh! And if you’re going to be in the Minneapolis area next month, come by the SpringCon comic fair on May 18th, when I will have an Abby and Norma table! And then come to the Linden Hills Festival on May 19th! I’ll have books and jewelry! Here are some pictures to prove I’m not making all this stuff up.

This is the suitcase that my jewelry table and all accessories fold up to fit in (shown with a baby pterodactyl for size comparison). It also fits in my bike trailer, which I plan to use as a mode of transport (the baby pterodactyl is still too young to be used as transport).

This is my jewelry table, set up in my kitchen. The kitchen is for demonstration purposes only; it will not be in my kitchen during the festival. The Linden Hills Festival will take place in Linden Hills Park at 3100 W 43rd St, Minneapolis, MN, because that is a larger and more convenient venue than my kitchen. More details at http://www.lindenhills.org/whatwedo/festival.php

This is the postcard I was sent by the organizers of SpringCon, the comic fair where I will have a table for stuff related to this nerdy webcomic. As you can see, the card emphasizes promoting the event, so I am doing so. It takes place on the State Fairgrounds from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on May 18th and 19th. (I will only be there on the 18th, but I will be sharing a table with Aaron Poliwoda, who also does cool comics about autism, and he will be there both days, so check him out too!) Admission is $12.00, which will get you in all day both days. More info at http://midwestcomicbook.com/?page_id=2

These are some of the items I will have at my table at SpringCon. They include the Abby and Norma comic collection “Everything Happens for a Reason (but Nothing Happens for a Good Reason),” and shirts proclaiming that vowels are odd, and that humans, hermit crabs and caddisfly larvae are three deviant species of clothes-wearers on a planetwide nudist colony.

So yeah! Be there if you can!

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