Abby wants real life to be more fair to arsonists.

This is based on a true story. The one situation in childhood where I was allowed to yell FIRE in a crowded bus.

Two bits of news:

1. From now on, the mouseover text on “Abby and Norma” comics will be visible under the comic text that you can see below the image and blog post. This is to make the mouseover text available to people who read “Abby and Norma” on a device that does not have a mouse, such as a tablet or smartphone. I have added this on all scheduled posts for the future, and I will be adding it on older posts over time, though this may take a long while.

2. My handmade jewelry will be for sale in the Art Show and Dealers’ Room at Gaylaxicon this year! John and I will also be doing a panel on diversity in writing. If you’re a Minnesota geek who’s interested in seeing science fiction and fantasy from a GLBT viewpoint, check out Gaylaxicon 2012!

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