Or if he was my boss.

Maybe people are like, “ooh, awesome, a bonfire! let’s go roast marshmallows!”

Why do people tell you to yell “fire” if someone’s attacking you?
Well, they say people are more likely to come running if they hear “fire!” than if they hear “help!”
Why would people come running if they hear “fire”? If I heard someone yell “fire,” my reaction would be to run as far away from it as possible, in order to, you know, AVOID BEING WHERE THE FIRE IS.
But you’re not normal people. It’s a strategy designed to exploit the natural illogic of human beings.
And I sure as heck wouldn’t yell it if the attacker had a gun.

MOUSEOVER TEXT: Or if he was my boss.

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2 Responses to 1161

  1. Matthew says:

    1 – fires are really honkin’ cool
    2 – obviously, the fire is not right here, and I’m not in danger now
    2 – as I have a general idea of its location, I can safely approach the fire close enough to get a look at it

    I fail to see the illogic of running in the direction of the fire.

    • admin says:

      Hmm, I guess I see the logic in this, based on the premise that seeing a fire is a goal in itself. I guess for me, seeing a fire is not interesting enough to put myself at any risk whatsoever, even a small one. But maybe I’m just a party pooper and a wet blanket. (That last idiom actually comes from the idea of putting out a fire, so it’s very appropriate here.)