which is awesome whether it results in sex or not

I first heard this line in a Monty Python sketch when I was about ten years old, but I never realized the double entendre until March 9, 2011, right before I wrote the dialogue of this comic. And weirdly, the meaning I had noticed until then was the figurative one (“hold the question against me”) rather than the literal one.

Then, days after I wrote the dialogue for this comic, Cowbirds in Love posted a somewhat related one– probably inspired by the same stupid song that came out around then and got me thinking about it. Well, that’s not gonna stop me from posting this one anyway. So there, Sanjay.

And for what it’s worth, I picked up John by saying “I’m saving my virginity until I find someone who will have sex with me.” (There, I’ve just given you a geek pickup line that has actually worked at least once. Use it wisely.)

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