Well, Santa kind of gets up on rooftops, but I doubt he's neurotypical.

One year I heard a song that had the refrain “It’s gonna be a merry merry merry frickin’ Christmas.” It was about a guy going home to his family for the holidays and complaining about how he hated all his relatives and the whole thing drove him crazy. That was over three years ago, and I’ve never heard that song again. Apparently Christmas songs that don’t appeal to nostalgia have a very hard time catching on.

It must be a terrible job, writing new Christmas songs.
I mean, people don’t want new Christmas songs. Most of them never catch on. It’s all a singer can do just to create a variation on an old Christmas song.
That’s because Christmas is about nostalgia. It’s about tradition. It’s about decorating the tree, hanging the stockings, having the family get-together, listening to the music, and not changing a single detail of it all from year to year.
Basically, Christmas is a time to feel good about being stuck in obsessive routines.
You must love it. It’s, like, the one time of year when neurotypicals practically get up on the rooftops and announce that they’re not really any better than Aspies.
If they said it in those words, I’d love it a lot more.

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