Abby and Norma

Mom: Why aren’t you dating any boys, Abby? One of these days you should get married and have children, you know.
A: I’m only in college, Mom! And even if I do get married someday, I’m never having children.
Mom: Don’t be silly. Nobody can be happy without having children.
A: Don’t I know best whether I’d be happy having them?
Mom: You’ll change your mind.
A: No I won’t. If I ever get the amount of money it takes to raise a kid, I’m going to donate it to save thousands of lives– not waste it on creating one new life.
Mom: Oh, don’t be ridiculous. You would never deprive your mother of grandchildren, would you?
A: You wouldn’t like having grandchildren. Nobody wants to feel old. And nothing makes you feel older than having grandchildren.
Mom: Don’t I know best whether I want grandchildren?
A: You’ll change your mind.

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