Abby and Norma

N: What’s wrong, Abby?
A: We’re doomed, Norma. In the future they’ll find the gene for Asperger’s syndrome. They’ll be able to test for it in utero, and they’ll be able to remove it.
A: In the future, if your parents don’t want to raise an Aspie, there’ll be four things that can happen to you. You can get aborted, or you can get genetically engineered to be normal, or you can get left to the tender mercies of the adoption system, or you can get raised by parents who don’t want to raise an Aspie.
N: Yeah, the present is better than the future, I guess.
A: No, it’s no better at all. In the present we just have options three and four. There are no good solutions now either.
N: What do you think would be a good solution?
A: Well, I’m eagerly looking forward to the technology that will allow children to genetically engineer their parents.

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