I like my coffee chock full of sugar, if I absolutely have to drink it. As for men, I like John, who barely eats sugar at all. So the comparison doesn't work for me.

I would probably love to drink coffee cherry tea instead of coffee, but sadly it’s not easy to get here. The “cherry” is actually a pretty thin layer over the coffee bean, so harvesting them for sale is not as efficient as selling the beans. I bet that’s partly the fault of everyone who breeds coffee plants for beans instead of cherries, though. You could probably breed them to have more fruit and less seed, if you tried.

Oh, and I doubt Norma actually drinks civet coffee, because it is both ridiculously expensive and fraught with animal cruelty.

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i have been known to eat flowers out of strangers' gardens for the nectar

Sometimes, Abby likes to imagine that all her bizarre preferences are actually universal among humans, and that her honesty is the only thing that separates her from others. She also wants to believe that nobody actually enjoys alcoholic drinks, and that people drink them first because of peer pressure and later because of chemical dependency.

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My 35th birthday just happened on June 1st! And this was a really cool birthday numerically, because 6/1/16 is a palindrome!

Prometheus stole fire from the gods and was punished by having an eagle eat his liver every day, and then let it grow back so it could be eaten again. Apparently, even in ancient times, the miraculous regenerative power of the liver was a well-known fact. (The thing can grow back to its original size even if you remove three-quarters of it. Makes liver donation quite feasible… but of course, from Zeus’s perspective, an unlimited supply of eagle food is a much better use of it.)

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