by some definitions, parasitism is a kind of symbiosis

It’s actually kind of hard to argue that humans are parasites of most wild animals, as opposed to just being predators of them. We’re more likely to do stuff that kills them outright, instead of subtly weakening them until they die an earlier death with fewer offspring (though of course we have our ways of doing that too).

As for domestic livestock… we do choose when and how they die, and we do make their lives pretty miserable until then… but, by deliberately breeding them and keeping them away from predators, we actually increase their populations. So, in a sense, we ARE the symbiotic brainworms that Abby’s afraid of.

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Whenever you ask for something and someone answers 'I don't know, can you?' that should be taken as an invitation to give yourself permission. Norma should have just said 'Yes I can' and grabbed one.

If “mouse” is singular of “mice”
And “louse” is singular of “lice”
Then “house” is singular of “hice”
And “grouse” is singular of “grice”
And “blouse” is singular of “blice.”
And “douse” should mean “one of the dice”
And “spouse” should mean “a pinch of spice”
And “rouse” should mean “a grain of rice.”
Grammatic crises are a vice I suffer daily at least twice
Or thrice, or sometimes even frice.
If we could just resolve this crise,
My goodness, wouldn’t that be nice.

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etymologically, lobotomy could just mean getting your ears pierced

Cathy actually does feel that Abby is hilarious, and feels it so strongly that she couldn’t help saying it. But to preserve her own air of superiority, she had to stifle her laugh and infuse her voice with a tone of sarcasm. She is sadly trapped in her own self-image.

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